The Geoplanning International Conference focuses on scientific works in the field of applied geomatics’ technologies for spatial planning, including GIS, Remote Sensing and Satellite Image Processing. The conference invites keynote speakers having international reputations and “calls for papers” to academics, researchers, professionals from universities, governments, private sectors, industries and other institutions to deliver their paper on the topics appropriate with the assigned themes and issues at that moment. In 2nd Geoplanning – International Conference on Geomatics and Planning 2017, the major issue determined is Sustainable Development with topic:

“Geomatics’ Applications for Disaster Management and Spatial Planning”.

Theme 1: Disaster Prone Areas Mapping
Theme 2: Urban and Regional Planning
Theme 3: Disaster Modelling
Theme 4: RS-GIS for Spatial Modelling
Theme 5: Infrastructure and Settlement

You are cordially invited to participate in the 2nd Geoplanning – International Conference on Geomatics and Planning, which will be held on August 9th, 2017 and excursion to MERAPI VOLCANO on August 10th 2017. If you are willing to submit your paper, please submit your abstract first. After the acceptance’s decision, you will be asked to complete the registration. When it is accomplished, we will send you an-ID and Password, using which you can submit your full paper. If you would like to be a participant without submitting your paper, please register as “participant only”.

Appreciation and gratitude are conveyed to the Participants, the advisory board, and the organising committee. We wish you all the best for this conference and hope that it will provide you every opportunity for dialogue with colleagues from around the corner and around the world.